You should Try Arc if…

You would probably findĀ Try Arc useful if any of the following accurately describes you:

  1. You’re an experienced programmer who wants to try Arc or Lisp but doesn’t care for fussing around with installations.
  2. You’ve never programmed before and perhaps aren’t even sure what that means but would be curious to see what it’s like in a hands-on environment that’s extremely low risk (get started in 0 seconds and stop whenever you like).
  3. You already know Arc and have it installed but sometimes wish you had a portable REPL.

It’s highly recommended that you go through the Arc tutorial if you’re at all confused. Also, feel free to ask me questions directly. I’d love to know what you think!

About Evan

Works on a sight reading practice tool for musicians and music teachers, and loves making Try Arc better in his spare time.

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