Try Arc TODO

Some things that could make Try Arc better:
  • fix memory leak DONE
    • a more advanced implementation could save the oldest client envs to disk and swap in/out based on need, rather than killing old clients; or better yet, only kill the continuations orphaned by their clients, and if at maximum capacity, ask new visitors to try back later
  • report errors to the console DONE
  • integrate with arc tutorial (or at least link to it), general guidance for new users
  • include acknowledgements to Try Ruby, Try Haskell, Chris Done, etc.
  • work on stdout DONE
  • better copy-paste
  • allow multi-line entry (currently functions and macros have to be defined on a single line) DONE
    • way to get out of alternate prompt without matching all parens, maybe ctrl+D (thanks, dom)
    • should Up fetch an entire multi-line expression or line-by-line (as it does now)?
  • forbid some functions sandbox currently allows (e.g. (quit), which renders the REPL useless; (thread) etc.)
  • bind that and thatexpr (
  • console fails to render in IE7/8?
    • seems to be working in IE6-8


About Evan

Works on a sight reading practice tool for musicians and music teachers, and loves making Try Arc better in his spare time.

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