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Google Voice: So Long, and Thanks for Losing My Texts

Three months after making my Sprint cell phone number into a Google Voice number, I’ve decided to cancel the service. Recently, text messaging has become unreliable. In the last 4 days, only about 30% of text messages I’ve sent have gone through.

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Disable Google+ In 3 Steps

Update: If you have trouble finding the option described in this article, you should be able to disable Google+ just by following this link. You will be taken to a confirmation page. Select “Delete Google+ content”, check the required box and click on the “Remove selected services” button. You should be good to go. Unexpected [...]

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Delete media to make your phone faster

Mobile sanity tip: Don’t keep photos, audio or video on your phone. They’re resource hogs.

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Every word in the English language

You may someday find yourself wishing you had a list of every word in the English language, in plain text. If that sounds far-fetched, suspend your disbelief for a moment and try to imagine where would you find such a list?

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Top HN contributor compiles best comments

Often when I read Hacker News, I’m be taken by an insightful comment, and only afterward glance at the author and see that it was written by edw519. He has a voice that sounds of wisdom and decades of experience in the software business.

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“When the going gets tough…” paraphrased

Every hardship brings with it an opportunity to prevail over it in a brilliant way. Your challenge is to seize that opportunity, but a key step is just remembering it’s there in the first place.

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