Review: Posterous Importer plugin for WordPress

Transferring over to this WordPress from my old blog, I decided to try and automate the process using the Posterous Importer plugin. I was thrilled to find someone had written this. Results were mixed in my case.

While installing the plugin, I was warned that it hadn’t been tested on my version of WordPress (3.1.1). Indeed, the plugin’s page notes that it’s compatible only up to version 3.0.5 of WordPress. I decided to try my luck.

Installing the plugin was easy. Once complete, I went to Tools > Import on the left sidebar of the admin dashboard and now found Posterous in the list of systems that could be imported.

After clicking through, I was prompted to enter the host name, username and password of my Posterous. Entering the “username” made me a little uneasy because with Posterous it’s actually an email address. I went through with it anyway and arrived at the import process.

I was taken to an almost-blank screen. I guessed that the plugin had failed and went to Tools > Import > Posterous again to try again with the same result (still a blank screen). Puzzled, I went to my blog’s home and found one of my Posterous entries in there twice. “Ah, so it did work. Both times!”

Not quite. The post which had been imported was the most recent entry from my Posterous. Apparently the plugin was unable to retrieve my other entries. I will chalk this up to the version incompatibility, of which I was given fair warning. Looks like I will be importing my Posterous manually.

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