Mailing Lists of the Future Will Cc Contextually

Mailing Lists Contextual CcEmail marketers try to gain your trust over the course of a mailing campaign through various techniques. Many of these aim to make them sound human and personable, so they can better keep you engaged. The most obvious example is addressing you by name.

So I found myself writing an email today and Cc’ing a friend who I thought would be interested. Then in one paragraph of the email, I made explicit that I’d included them and explained why.┬áThis happens frequently in human exchanges, but I’ve never seen a bot do it.

If email marketers could find a way to emulate this behavior and leverage it, it could add a whole other dimension to their campaigns. They could relate subscribers with common interests and spur discussion.

Edit: I’ve rewritten this post after an email exchange with Kartik Agaram. He made me realize that the original content was rather short and cryptic.┬áThe original text is pasted below for those interested:

A very human thing to do is write an email to multiple people that specifically targets their overlapped interest. A mailing list that could do this could be very successful.


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