Free SEO curriculum: SEOBook blog archives

To the SEO novice, the sites SEOBook and SEOMoz both stand out as noteworthy resources. Word of mouth has been strong for both, and even buried within acid remarks.

I started reading what was free on SEOBook and was impressed, but they push hard on their $100/month membership. As I began to evaluate that purchase decision, I was very glad to find this comment:

Both of them have blogs available for free. Skip back to early 2006, start reading. (I recommend 2006 as both routinely published on beginner-friendly topics back then, but their focus has become more refined since then. There are only so many ways you can say “Your title tag is really freaking important, and you should get links.” By the way, your title tag is freaking important, and you should get links.)

Phew! Maybe I don’t need to go broke to get a lot out of SEOBook. Just take link to the blog archives and start reading from January 2006!

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