Considering Amy Hoy’s product launch class

I keep getting solicitations to take Amy Hoy’s product launch class. They’re compelling emails, but I feel reluctant to register because they’re expensive and I’m sometimes too aware of the tactics she uses in her marketing.

Nevertheless, she is very charismatic and provocative. I still haven’t unsubscribed from her mailings because she keeps you intrigued. Listen to what she has to say on negotiation:
6. Everything is negotiable, so negotiate.

Haggling and negotiating can’t physically hurt you, so why let the fear stop you from doing it? Bonus: (if you’re any good) chances are that your boss or your clients need you more than you need them. Again, nobody will advocate for you more than you will, so get on it. And if you’re scared of negotiating, pick up a couple books and then create a practice program for yourself.
21. Be yourself on your own terms

Don’t compare yourself to other people. No, really, I mean it. Don’t identify with any labels, or traits, or habits, or tools, or things you do — and take careful note when you find yourself doing so automatically, anyway.

It took me years to embrace being a woman. You know why? Because I believed in the label, despite hating it. I believed that “woman” actually meant something… and then I’d look around at all the girls and women I knew, and the way they behaved and what they valued, and I’d feelembarrassed to be “one of them”. Or, if not embarrassed, just terribly out of place, because I couldn’t identify with them or understand them at all.

But you know what? Turns out the label doesn’t mean a damn thing. There is no such thing as Women, The Group. It’s just a bunch of people who have the same anatomy (mostly) and some shared traits (sometimes). By buying into the label, I was not only alienating myself, but insulting & denigrating other women for not living up to my idea of what it should mean. What a total ego trip! [...]
I’d definitely consider signing up for Hoy’s class. She demonstrates having bold ideas and a gift for writing. But I’m still considering whether I can justify the cost of the class and looking for reviews and testimonials.

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