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I moved this site to a different host awhile ago. In the process, most image and audio links in the posts broke. Major bummer! Thanks for your patience while I get it fixed.

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Blackbird cover

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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Google Voice: So Long, and Thanks for Losing My Texts

Three months after making my Sprint cell phone number into a Google Voice number, I’ve decided to cancel the service. Recently, text messaging has become unreliable. In the last 4 days, only about 30% of text messages I’ve sent have gone through.

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“Days of Wine and Roses” on Blue Yeti Microphone

I got a new microphone and am testing it out with a quick run-through of this old jazz standard, “The Days of Wine and Roses” by Henry Mancini and┬áJohnny Mercer:

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Disable Google+ In 3 Steps

Update: If you have trouble finding the option described in this article, you should be able to disable Google+ just by following this link. You will be taken to a confirmation page. Select “Delete Google+ content”, check the required box and click on the “Remove selected services” button. You should be good to go. Unexpected [...]

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An Email

Mailing Lists of the Future Will Cc Contextually

Email marketers try to gain your trust over the course of a mailing campaign through various techniques. Many of these aim to make them sound human and personable, so they can better keep you engaged. The most obvious example is addressing you by name. So I found myself writing an email today and Cc’ing a [...]

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Best of Hacker News Leaders

Context: bitovod created a site which aggregates the “Best of ” for any user on Hacker News. After he added a feature to make queries linkable, we can now compile a “Best of” list for all the┬áleaders on Hacker News. This is an attempt to compile and maintain such a list. If you’re active on [...]

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Arc Forum search in wake of SearchYC shutdown

It’s a bittersweet situation as we rejoice pg adding a search bar to Hacker News while mourning the sudden loss of SearchYC.

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Delete media to make your phone faster

Mobile sanity tip: Don’t keep photos, audio or video on your phone. They’re resource hogs.

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Japanese opera Momotaro set to jazz standards

Here’s a spectacle for you. A Japanese opera about Momotaro, set entirely to the music of famous jazz standards.

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